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I haven't given myself anytime to write, but I cleaned up my journal of accounts that were as I could tell, inactive. If you were removed, & are still here, let me know.

I also tried to let journals that have removed me know that I am BACK. The funny thing about that, is 95% of them banned me to keep their friends list clean ... yep, so I can't comment or even contact them. Their loss. Just sort of annoying. I never ban anyone unless they DESERVE it.

Anyways, I'll write something with substance when I get home from work this evening. I just wanted to give anyone a heads up if they notice they were removed - it was ONLY because I thought they were inactive & I can add them back. =)
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I want to be inspired.
I follow a handful of blogs that I absolutely couldn't live without. I enjoy reading their daily/weekly/monthly updates with my morning coffee. They inspire me, they encourage me, they give me that outlet from the children. This year, I want to connect with more blogs, learn from more people, & fall in love with the little things in everyone elses lives. I want to laugh, I want to cry, I want the good & the bad. So, those blogs that YOU can't live without - I want in on the secret.

So, share! Please suggest to me your favorite blogs weather it be on livejournal, blogger, or a website of their own. I don't care if they are personal, decorating, cooking, photography, etc. blogs. I just want to broaden my horizons. =)

thanks in advance.
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503. GOODBYE TO YOU {new years}

2010 was a year filled with the HIGHEST of highs, as well as the LOWEST of lows. This year was completely bi-polar for my entire family, & will be one that can never be forgotten. It was filled with tears of both sadness & happiness. A year that will go down in the books as one of the most memorable.

In the early part of 2010 First Avenue was a total loss in an electrical fire, as the end of the year approached we were blessed with the birth of Aripsemae. In between there was car accidents, multiple surgeries, learning we had a niece, & handfuls of festivals that kept our hearts filled. The bad was outweighed by the good, & in turn, taught us amazing values and lessons that'll stick with us for the rest of our lives. I wouldn't have skipped over this year, because in the end, a heart was mended by the most beautiful things.

I headed into 2011 a different person, a better person. I can't wait to experience everything life has to throw at me the next twelve months. I hope that despite what the past has dealt you - that you focus on making this next year something to remember, because you aren't guaranteed what you have today, tomorrow.
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502. CHRISTMAS 2010
This year the gifts fluttered in - it seemed as if every day there was a shiny new present to open (and still some to come! We still have huge bag of presents to dig into from Aunt Leane) On Wednesday evening we got together with my niece & her mother Michelle, Thursday Kait stopped by for a visit, Christmas eve Daycen indulged in presents from my parents & uncle Luke, Christmas morning Santa Clause delivered plenty of gifts, & that night we got together with Andy's family. It sure was busy holiday season this year (and I wasn't even working my retail jobs!), but it sure was fun. We enjoyed every moment of it, & everyone who was there to share it with us.

Here's a little peek into exactly what filled our hearts with joy this season.

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